Are you in desperate need to improve your nutrition? Here’s a great way to get started with easy crock pot recipes. One of the most overlooked advantages of regularly using this handy kitchen aide is the fact that once your items are placed inside and its turned on, the rest of the work is taken completely out of your hands. What can be better than that?

If you haven’t had the chance to explore many of the easy crock pot recipes that can be made with a slow cooker, or if you’ve forgotten all about the convenience these appliances provide, hopefully this article helps inspire you to jump back on board the crock pot express.

Was that bit too much?

Well still, it’s important to point out not only how convenient these kitchen tools are, but also the quality of meal that can be prepared without you needing to slave over the stove for hours preparing a meal for your family.

Funny thing is, ever since my crock pot was accidentally broken and needed to be thrown out I never replaced it, so I forgot about how wonderfully easy they were to use.

Then a couple years pass and as the Healthy Meals of the Week section of the website started taking off, my father’s beef stew gets thrown onto the agenda and guess what, a slow cooker is needed.

After borrowing my parent’s crock pot in order to create the meal for the website, I realized how much I missed having one of these slow cookers at my disposal. How much easier can cooking a meal be than for the most part only having to put everything into the bowl and turn the machine on?

It is also very comforting knowing that by the time you get home a delicious meal will be ready needing very minimal effort on your part other than to serve portions for your family. That’s why most of the meals you will find are considered to be easy crock pot recipes.

Purchasing A Slow Cooker

When I went to our local Walmart, they had a number of slow cookers for sale ranging from $14-$40 depending on size and features offered.

Since I did not need a humongous slow cooker with all the bells and whistles, I opted for the popular “Crock Pot” name brand 4 quart size for only $18. This size will accommodate 4-6 people, has low and high settings, and is dishwasher safe.

This slow cooker also came with easy crock pot recipes in a 68-page cookbook with step-by-step directions and ingredient lists for quite a number of different meals. The categories listed in the table of contents are appetizers and side dishes, beef and pork meals, chicken and turkey meals, seafood, soups, stews and chowders, desserts, and even vegetarian meal ideas.

Briefly glancing through the cookbook I found my mouth-watering looking forward to trying a number of these easy crock pot recipes.

If you already have one of these valuable kitchen tools, take a moment to explore the many different meals you can create with relative ease. Even if you don’t have a slow cooker, use this as inspiration to go out and purchase one especially since most are around $20.

Read the box carefully to see if the unit you’re thinking of buying comes with a recipe book. Having one of these handy to store in the kitchen can really help you improve your nutrition and eat in a healthier manner – one of the most important keys to weight loss success.


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