Switzerland. Known for chocolates, watches, and being neutral in most armed conflicts, this charming little tri-lingual country also houses two of Europe’s main capitals, Zurich and Geneva. The former, in particular, is known for being home to the European branch of the United Nations, but that is far from all there is to her. This article clues you in on a few fun facts about this Swiss city that will no doubt leave you wanting to visit!

  1. It has peculiar traffic. Don’t be surprised if your Geneva airport taxi driver chooses to take the long way round rather than turn right at a red light. He is not trying to rip you off; it’s just that he can’t. Turning right at red lights is forbidden in this Swiss city, which, despite this handicap, still manages to have the lowest commuting time in Europe.
  2. Famous faces. A lot of famous personalities are associated with Geneva. Freddie Mercury and Charlie Chaplin both have statues, the former having owned the famous recording studio on the lakeshore and the latter having died in the city. Frank Zappa once burned down a casino (inspiring, again, Smoke On The Water) and Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle introduced the now-ubiquitous sport of skiing. Albert Einstein also hails from this Swiss capital. The question remains, however: did any of them require a Geneva airport taxi to get them to the city centre?
  3. Population peculiarities. While driving around town on the course of your Geneva airport taxi transfer, you may notice some particularities. For instance, while this is the most international European city (with a 40% foreign population), there are no mosques anywhere in it – or, in fact, anywhere in Switzerland. The general health level and affluence of the population might also strike you as unique; however, you soon learn that this is a standard of Switzerland, a country where there are three times as many banks as dentists, and which boasts the highest hospital-bed-to-patient ratio in Europe. In spite of its affluence, however, only a quarter of the population owns their own house.
  4. Claims to fame. The city is best known nowadays for being the European headquarters of the United Nations, which it has been playing host to since 1948. In addition, the Geneva Convention treaties were signed in this Swiss capital, and it was also the birthplace of the World Wide Web!
  5. Dog dropping despair. If you’ve ever heard about what a paradise Switzerland is to live in, the knowledge that the residents’ main concern are dog droppings may confirm your belief. Being aware of the problem, however, can help you avoid it – in this regard, a good way to prevent stepping on something unpleasant would be to board a Geneva airport taxi!

As you can see, then, there is much to love about the second most populated city in Switzerland, and many interesting facts linked to it. Don’t miss out!

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