Cooking food outdoors can be a great way to enjoy your backyard patio and unwind after work. There are many different types of BBQ grill available at stores, but you can also build your own. Consider these DIY options for a fun weekend project.


If you can dedicate a small open space in the yard, a small brick structure can be a great place to smoke and grill meats for family and friends. A brick structure can be much larger than conventional, store-bought alternatives. Of course, it will be a permanent installation that can’t be moved out of the way or relocated to your next home. Bricklaying is also a highly technical skill to develop, but this could be a good beginner project if you are interested in developing the skill.

Used Oil Drum

50-gallon drums are easy to find in most parts of the country. With a little bit of welding knowledge, you can make a professional quality barbecue setup. Most people cut a hatch, attach hinges, and add legs to keep the whole thing from tipping over. This project may not be a good idea if you don’t have any welding experience or equipment. By the time you add up the costs of welding gear and the value of your own time, it may be cheaper just to buy a ready-to-use cooking unit.

Wheel Rim

If you only need to cook for a couple of people, and if you don’t want to invest a lot of time or money, a wheel rim can be used as a BBQ grill. If you are renting an apartment and only have a small amount of space, this idea doesn’t take up much room. You’ll just need a wheel rim and a metal grid to lie over the top. A small amount of charcoal goes into the concave below the grid. In many third world countries, these devices are one of the most common ways to cook plantains, fish, and other local staples.

Patio Furniture

When people are looking to repurpose metal grids for cooking, the patio furniture often comes to mind. In theory, some types of chairs and tables could be used over an open flame as a barbecue surface. Most of the time, this is a terrible idea. Outdoor furniture often has paint and other chemical substances to prevent rust and corrosion. Heating these metals over a fire could contaminate the burger patties and other food you intend to prepare and serve. If you can sandblast the furniture until it is raw metal, then it can be made safe for use as a BBQ grill. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to ensure that every side of every surface is safe, and some chemicals can be carcinogenic or toxic in food.

Ultimately, buying a new BBQ is the easiest way to get into grilling. These DIY ideas are great projects for people looking to express their creativity and develop skills like welding or bricklaying. Weekend projects like these, however, are best if you enjoy the project itself. For barbecues with more precise controls, it’s best to get one made by a professional.


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