7 Healthy Food Substitutes

It’s a new year and many are anxious to start their diet off on the right foot, maybe lose a few pounds, eat better and make smarter food choices overall. Here is a list of great, healthy food substitutes for your usual choices that will help you keep your New Year’s Resolution. They are lower in fat, calories but high in taste!

Love chocolate milk but not so fond of the stomach pain and gas you get afterward? There is a new healthy choice available and it’s not soy! As a lactose intolerant woman, I typically drink soy and rice milk, but my latest choice is wonderful, especially in chocolate and it’s Almond Milk! It has such a clean taste and you’d swear you were drinking the real thing! You’ll want to look in your grocer’s healthy/organic or dairy case. They offer a shelved brand as well, but the refrigerated kind is the best. This yummy treat is from the makers of nuts, Blue Diamond Natural Almond Breeze. Even if you’re not la

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Cavatelli – "Ghavadeels"

Cavatelli: to write or to say the word as it is written is something of an embarrassment. To any Italian American this dish is called “Gah-vah-deels.’ Any Italian American knows that word in the way that they pronounced it. Of course, the correct Italian is “cavatelli ” (Kha-vah-tell-ee). Back in the day, in the 1950’s and 60’s, cavatelli were a special dinner that appeared on the table on special occasions. Cavatelli were not made at home in my house. They came from two very different sources. Most often my father bought the cavatelli from an old time shop in West Philadelphia where he also bought the home made ricotta. In those days the ricotta came in a perforated metal container that was covered in a sheet of plastic held tight by a rubber band. We used to make string line telephones from the cans. The other source of cavatelli was our neighbor, Alfred the tailor, whose wife made them herself

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Beef Recipes: 3 Dishes That Meat Lovers Will Go Crazy About

Beef is one of the most widely used meats around the world. Like chicken and pork, it is used in millions of recipes from different cuisines. It is flexible and easy to prepare. Those that are big fans of steak or burgers would say that beef is the heaviest type of meat, the most satisfying when it comes to appetite. Compared to chicken and fish, beef contains a higher amount of iron.

Here are mouth-watering beef recipes you can try at home:

Melt-In-Your Mouth Butter Beef

What you need:

  • 1 1/4 kilograms cubed beef stew meat
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 1 small pack dry onion soup mix

Mix together beef stew meat and butter in a slow cooker. Sprinkle onion soup mix over the beef. Cook on high for 4 to 5 hours, stirring once. Best served with toasted wheat bread or over cooked egg noodles.

Baked Cheesy Beef Ravioli

What you need:

  • 1/2 kilogram grou
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What Kind of Staff Do You Need in Order to Run a Successful Restaurant?

Running a successful restaurant is not a walk in the park and, as a matter of fact, most people are aware of this actually with little to no misconceptions are interpreted. Perhaps only to those who know very little about the restaurant business, but basically almost every person on earth is on the same page when it comes to building a restaurant business. Managers, cooks, servers, buspersons, dishwashers, hosts and bartenders are among the people you need to hire for your restaurant staff. Running a restaurant from the get go will actually be challenging and you will see some of the duties of your staff will cross over from one category to another. You will be able to organize your restaurant soon, but while you’re still trying to figure things out, you will need a staff that’s ready and willing to go the extra mile in their duties and responsibilities.


Hiring a restaurant manager is the first thing to consider before opening up a

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How To Make Blackened Steak Salad

Almost anyone can make a great tasting steak if they take the time to marinade it (of course, the better the meat, the better tasting the steak, even without marinade). For this recipe, we’re going to marinade the steaks for 2 hours in the refrigerator inside of a re-sealable plastic bag.

Your first step is to crush the peeled garlic clove into a small bowl. Let the crushed garlic sit for at least 10 minutes. In another bowl, add the half cup of extra virgin olive oil and 3 teaspoons of Cajun style blackening seasoning. Mix the oil and seasoning. Once the 10 minutes is complete for your crushed garlic, add in the oil/seasoning and mix together.

Your steaks should be sliced into small strips and laid out on a plate. Smother the steaks in your Cajun blackening sauce. Flip them over and smother the backside. Then place the steak strips into a re-sealable plastic bag and pour the remaining Cajun blackening sauce into the baggie. Seal the bag and place in refrigerator

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Cheese and Potato Soup – A Recipe for Cheddar Baked Potato Soup That Is Out Of This World

This cheddar potato recipe makes a soup that is creamy and smooth with true baked potato flavor. You can dress this up with a dollop of sour cream and chives or crumbled bacon, but I like it just as it is.

The flour serves to thicken the soup. I don’t like my soup real thick, so I usually use less. If you like a real thick soup, increase the amounts to 6 tablespoons or a little more. The important thing when adding flour is to cook it in the butter before adding the liquid. This will avoid that raw flour flavor that can result if the flour is not completely cooked.

It is important that the soup not boil once the cream is added. Boiling will cause the cream to separate. If this is a problem for you, wait to add the cream just before serving and only reheat.

Cheddar Baked Potato Soup Recipe

6 Tablespoons butter

1 cup yellow onions, diced

4 Tablespoons all-purpose flour

6 cups hot chicken stock

4 cups baked potatoes, peeled

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A Healthy Food Guide For The Vegetarian Diet

The general viewpoint is that you can’t go wrong with a vegetarian diet; it is nutrient rich with plenty of fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. But did you know that vegetarian diets can be low in protein if adequate beans, lentils, and/or dairy are not included? For example, a vegetarian meal that only consists of a leafy green salad with a side of whole grain bread is low in protein. Adding beans to the leafy green salad, a side of lentil soup, and/or a serving of non-fat milk or yogurt are easy ways to include protein in the meal. Also, eating the same lettuce salad for lunch every day can also mean that your diet lacks variety. Eating a variety of vegetables and fruits ensures that you are getting different nutrients from naturals foods on a regular basis. Whether you are eating at home or in a restaurant, there are websites with free tools that you can use to look up the nutrition data of foods and recipes.

Most free nutrition databases that are available online, pro

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Type 2 Diabetes – A Look at Sodas and Drinks Containing Sugar

Even though there is no strong evidence to show sugars cause Type 2 diabetes, high intakes do put extra strain on the pancreas to produce more insulin, exacerbating the underlying problem in those with Type 2 diabetes or at risk of developing the disease.

Anyone with a sweet tooth, who drinks two to three cans of soda a day – containing the equivalent of 16 to 27 teaspoons of sugar, will benefit immensely simply by reducing or even cutting these beverages out.

Are you planning to cut down on the amount of sugar you consume? If so, make sure to take a look at what you’re drinking. Soda, juice, sports drinks, energy drinks, and other beverages contain lots of sugar – and few nutrients our body needs. The sugar in these drinks is also easily absorbed, so it can raise your blood sugar even faster than sugary foods can. Here are the amounts of sugar in some common sugary drinks, along with some alternatives that don’t contain sugar…

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Step Brothers – Macaroni and Cheese

Brennan Huff is an unemployed 39-year-old living with his mom. Dale Doback is an unemployed 40-year-old living with his dad. But what happens when Mom and Dad decide to get married? These two adult losers will have to tolerate each other’s presence by not only living together, but also sharing a room.

Things shouldn’t get too heated. After all, there are some ground rules.

Rule #1: Brennan is under no circumstances allowed to EVER touch Dale’s drum set. When the temptation is too much for Brennan to handle, it ends with a bat and a golf club.

After the debacle, the boys are given a dreadful ultimatum: get jobs, or be kicked out of the house.

Did we see it coming? Dale and Brennan have more in common than they thought, and the new living situation is the start of a beautiful friendship. They turn their separate beds into bunk beds and share their deepest secrets.

When Brennan’s successful brother, Derek, comes for a visit, th

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Fishing Bait Recipes Including ‘Catfish’!

Before going fishing, it is imperative that you have some fishing bait with you to get those fishes biting. It is not that you have to go to some store to buy fishing bait; you can easily make fishing bait at home. For fishing bait recipes and recipes for catfish bait, all you have to do is to surf the Internet. You will be overwhelmed by the number of fishing bait recipes there are on the Internet.

This is a homemade fishing bait recipe that not only catches catfish but also all other types of fish. All you need is ½ cups of raisins, parmesan cheese, brown sugar and corn syrup. Along with it, ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar and 1 tsp. garlic powder. You have to first grind the raisins and then take the parmesan cheese, and add apple cider vinegar, garlic powder, brown sugar and corn syrup. This mixture has to be brought to a slight boil. You then cool it to add raisins and vinegar. This can then be thickened using either flour or corn meal till the desired thickne

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