It is one of the most important organs of the body which is taken for granted by many and hence it is neglected until a wound or damage is inflicted on it or the vision, post which there is a threat of modification in the whole life style.

At times these injuries are a consequence of unfortunate mishaps whereas in some cases they are the end product of a hereditary factor. Professional medical treatment by a specialist is sought in the former cases whereas not much can be done in the later area. There are various methods that can be followed and adopted for the preservation of the eye’s vision and its fitness.

Owing to genetics some people might be more threatened by a problem in the vision than others. Several ongoing researches have led to the conclusion that supplements and nutrients play a significant role as determinants of its vision. Hence specific nutrients should be included in the daily diet for decreasing the risk of decline of vision with increase in age. Antioxidants are also beneficial whereas weight, alcohol and cigarette intake and prolonged contact with sunlight and bright lights to name a few should be avoided.

More often than not the hectic lifestyle of today does not leave much time to pay much attention to eating well balanced meals. Hence the number of dietary supplements and vitamins that are present in the market can be taken as substitutes. Still a well balanced diet in addition to the mentioned supplements should be aimed at to increase their benefits to the vision. Regular care is necessary but it should not be overdone. For e.g. The recommended daily dosage of supplements and nutrients should not be surpassed since it can bear numerous side effects. Any problems being experienced should be immediately reported.


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