The world leaders are urging us to reduce energy consumption. They say that if we do not change our energy usage habits, soon our energy resources will be depleted. That is a scary thought.

The observation of the authorities is quite valid, but should not be the only reason why you should reduce your electricity consumption. By decreasing the monthly utility bills, you also save a lot of money. In other words; both you and the world will be profiting from the change.

The best way for individuals, as well as businesses to determine where they can reduce electricity consumption is by monitoring their power usage. This can be accomplished by installing energy management systems. These systems monitor all forms of energy, including light sources, production equipment, electronics, and security systems. If a device on the property uses electricity, it will be monitored.

The initial phase of energy management systems consists of collecting data. This is performed by one or more computers that are equipped with metering tools, protection devices, and RTUs. The system first gathers the data, and then acts according to the information it received. It will, for instance, calculate energy usage, combine the values so it can present more detailed results, etc. Energy management system operators will even be able to review the electricity usage per building, and per individual meter.

Once the tests have been completed by energy management systems, the operators will then be able to determine where and when energy can be cut. Why leave lights on at a cafeteria at night, when all employees went home, right?

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