The Revit Workstation – Hardware Recommendations

Having been asked this month 3 times for a recommendation for a Revit workstation, I am writing this highly opinionated guide today to help Revit users make wise choices. However, I have been thinking about writing this for years.

I have been building CAD workstations since the mid 1990’s. Every time I build a new computer, it requires a great deal of research because of the ever-changing technology. This time is no exception.

This system will be designed primarily for Revit but will work as well for 3DS Max Design, Autodesk Ultimate Building Suite, The Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection and V-Ray. It will be suitable for BIM and all of its tangents such as rendering, animation, clash detection and estimating.


Let’s start here. If you don’t do this right, your results will suck. I propose you need Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. You must have Windows Professional to connect to a domain based network.

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Logo Promotional Hardware Items To Shine In A Different Light

Need some D.I.Y. fix on your business advertising? You don’t have to worry because custom promotional products are here to rescue. Nevertheless, these materials have a vast range of variety and some of them are designed to suit a handful nature of business just like promotional hardwares. It wouldn’t be ideal if your give it out as a gift in restaurants and any food business unless it underwent a little tweaking. Speaking of tweaking, if these promotional hardware products would be transformed or would undergo a major makeover, would it be ideal to bear the logo of the firm? Here are some the wild concepts that would be a fantastic gimmick for promotional hardware products.

Tape Measure- Promotional tape measure is boring. Give it a face lift by adding it with other custom items. It could be downsized to its typical size and hang it on a key tag. Just exhaust a colorful casing and add your logo or slogan on it and it will truly measure success for your brand build

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Creative Marketing Ideas For Hardware Stores

With large nationwide chains that dominate the market, small hardware stores sometimes have a difficult time being competitive. The key is to find a unique selling proposition for your business and to capitalize on it so customers see the value in choosing you over one of the bigger stores. Here are some great ways to make your business stand out.

  1. Giveaways-When your store first opens (or even if you’re just looking for an extra push), offer small giveaways to your customers with their purchase. These will be tools or products they can use that are branded with your store’s information-hammers, tape measures, levels, etc. When a customer is using this product and runs out of something or determines the need to visit a hardware store, they’ll see your information and immediately head your way!
  2. In-Store Classes-Hardware stores often form a bit of a culture and social atmosphere, so find ways to pl
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How Suites Of Ironmongery Can Be Useful When Choosing Your Hardware

If you ask a layman: what is ironmongery? I am sure his/her reply will be that it is something related to iron gates and railings. Although this is true to a certain extent, the items included in this category are not only limited to iron related products. Because, ironmongery is a vast term which basically has its roots originated from the iron industry, but as time has progressed items made from brass, aluminum, steel, and different metals joined the bandwagon of ironmongery items and the field widened. The main objective of using architectural ironmongery is to use the correct items in the correct places in regards to design, finish and ergonomics.

Most would agree that the construction of a house is not restricted only to use of raw materials such as concrete, cement, stone, etc., but there are various other components like doors, windows, vents, and cupboards which constitute an important part of every dwelling. When designing and building a home, most people pay a lot o

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Basic Computer Hardware and Software – How it Works

In this modern computer age it is important to have at least some understanding of basic computer hardware and software. Granted it’s not necessary to have a complete and total understanding of just what makes your computer tick it is perhaps wise to grasp some of the concepts. So let’s take a look “under the hood” shall we?

First up on our journey is the hardware side of things. A computer consists of many different parts all of which need to be in working order for it to run properly. But here’s the great thing about modern computers: you don’t really need to know what all those little chips, resistors, etc. actually do. In fact, just a basic understanding of the computer hardware can allow you to fix a multitude of problems that might arise. Computers these days are divided into several major components – some of which can even be replaced without great difficulty.

First up is the most important part of your computer –

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Computer Forensics Tests Reveal Fingerprint USB Drives With Hardware Encryption Are Not Secure

Today’s news article on computer forensics is about hacking encrypted Fingerprint USB drives. The encryption being talked about is AES 256 hardware encryption, which til date use to be considered a very reputable and safe standard in the world of digital and computer forensics. You must have seen online advertisements about the most secure hardware based AES 256 bit encrypted Fingerprint USB drives from popular brand names such as Kingston USB and SanDisk USB, these are the ones that have been found to be completely vulnerable by a computer forensic company based off Germany called SySS. Their tests show a major design vulnerability that can decrypt the present information on the thumb drive.

SySS is a German company that specializes in Computer and IT Forensics. In a nutshell how they are able to read encrypted data is very simple, it does not even require to put in your password. When a user enters their correct password on the key to decrypt the information, the hard

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Are iMac Locks The Perfect Computer Security Hardware?

If you thought that the data in your iMac is safe behind one Windows password or an iMac lock you’ve got to rethink. Because unless you changed the default, anyone can just boot your iMac using a floppy disk or even CD-ROM and wander around your folders and files like a tomb raider. You don’t want to encounter such nightmares, do you?

To have the files safe, you’ve got to make the iMac password protected as well as to have it to boot-up upon authorization. This makes no body to have a backdoor access into your iMac through floppy drive or a CD drive.

You may want to take a look at the machine’s Setup menu for the security settings including User Password. Then, when it prompts, just give a password of your choice; there is a word of caution here – that resetting boot-up password is a brainer by itself so chose and type but carefully.

Again please note that some machines will allow you to add the Setup password so to contain any unau

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The Basic Information of Small Hardware: Classification and Connotation

What is hardware? It is a general term which refers to metal tools used in the building and furniture. There are a lot of hardware products. They can be grouped into big hardware and small hardware. The former refers to steel materials, such as steel plate, steel bar, channel iron, flat iron. The later often refers to the following items, such as construction hardware, tin plate, iron wire, household hardware, and tools. According to its property and function, the hardware also can be grouped into eight classifications, namely steel material, non-iron metal material, mechanical parts, transmission equipment, auxiliary tool, work tool, construction hardware and household hardware.

Owing to the limited space and time, the article will mainly introduce the small hardware. It has a lot of varieties and specifications. It plays a very important role in the room decoration. Only through choosing the good hardware components can people use the decorating material safely and convenie

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The Benefits of Pewter For Cabinet Hardware

Homeowners are faced with many options when embarking on a kitchen renovation project. Along with selecting flooring, cabinetry and color choices, there are many cabinet hardware decisions to make. One choice for kitchen hardware, that requires very little care and that keeps its beautiful shine for years, is pewter.

Pewter is a tin based alloy that has been used for items such as dishes, jewelry and utensils for centuries. Modern day pewter is composed of approximately 95% tin with small amounts of copper and antimony. While some pewter used to contain lead, modern pewter does not, and is not dangerous to have in the home today. Pewter is considered by many experts to be the fourth most valuable metal today, after only platinum, gold and silver.

For the busy homeowner seeking to combine easy maintenance with beautiful hardware, pewter is the most obvious choice. It is durable, long lasting and easy to clean. One interesting and unusual note about pewter is that it wil

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HP OMEN Desktop 880-160se: Overview of the Good Hardware Configuration Options and Design

These days, you can get anything from a gaming laptop to a high-end desktop from HP. If you’re in search of something that can handle the average game, yet is still modest and inexpensive, perhaps the HP OMEN Desktop 880-160se is what you’re after. There are some customizable options for you to choose from when you order this machine. Even the cheapest option with the base configuration still offers a lot more than what the average desktop offers.

The build of this tower is pretty impressive, as the side panels and interior are made out of metal. The front and top are made almost entirely out of quality plastic of different finishes and textures. There are also plenty of vents in convenient locations in order to allow for cooling. A single 120-mm fan is located on the front for intake. You can also add the optional liquid cooling technology if you think you’ll need it.

The door on the tower can be accessed without the use of tools, making access and m

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