Being a Comic Vocal Impressionist takes a lot of practice, Just ask Jason Neistadt of V-The Ultimate Variety Show! Having been featured in every major resort and casino in Las Vegas, Jason has his act perfected down to the T! Elvis, Forest Gump and everyone in between, you never know who might turn up in this unique act. Born in Rancho Cucamonga, CA in 1976, Jason began showing early inclinations of a performer. When Jason was two he moved to Wyoming, and over the years developed his interest in stunts and acrobatics while playing in the surrounding mountains. When moving back to California at age ten Jason quickly became known as the class clown and soon after that, he learned his first performing art, juggling! From there on he committed himself to the art of the juggle and sought to bring joy to whoever he could, using his impersonations and juggling acts.

Becoming fixed on perfecting his juggling skills, Jason soon saw what he would declare his destiny. On a family vacation to Las Vegas, he was taken to see “Melinda-The First Lady of Magic!” There he saw Anthony Gatto the master and best technical juggler in the world as part of Melinda’s variety act. As he puts it, he spent all of his allowance at the magic store the very next day, intrigued by the mix of magic and juggling he had never before thought possible. Soon after, Jason was perfecting and showing his act at birthday parties and charity events. By the age of 13 his juggling skills had increased, and he was soon accepted into the world famous “Magic Castle” in Hollywood. Focusing on performing arts in High-school, Jason made all the necessary steps to graduate early, and by age 16 saw himself moving directly to Hollywood.

He ended up graduating the juniors program of the Magic Castle, and even received a Juniors Achievement Award at a banquet held for graduates. In 1993 Jason performed at the opening night for the MGM Grand Casino, quickly realizing this is where he wanted to stay. Jason was always an artist first, and with that in mind Las Vegas became his muse and playground to learn and experiment. Eventually landing dream roles as a stuntman in two major motion pictures, he continued to strive to learn new forms of performance to carry on his career. In 2003 Jason began working with David Saxe, the brother of one of his original inspirations, Melinda. Jason soon became Executive Vice President of David Saxe productions for nearly seven years, until he decided performing was his true passion. Now with his own one man show in the works, Jason has been a featured host on V-The Ultimate Variety Show many times. Often considered the best variety show in Las Vegas, V-The Ultimate Variety Show isn’t his only gig, while he travels the world performing his act on all major cruise lines, Jasons back in town showing audiences all his different faces every week.

So come and see the all too familiar personalities of comedic impressionist Jason Neistadt, only at “V-The Ultimate Variety Show,” at the V Theater located inside the Miracle Mile Shops of Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino!


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