Colombia is one of those few places left on the map that has all the breathtaking beauty of a popular tourist spot without the throng of tourists. Blame it on misinformation, fear or something else. But, the truth is, Colombian tours are as thrilling as they are virginal. Here, visitors have a feeling that they are in a place that is yet to be discovered. Adventurers get the coveted opportunity to explore enormous natural beauty without intrusion. In short, Colombia has everything you want – the beach, the mountains, archeological treasures, copious natural delights and more. To top it all, it also has the most warm-hearted population ever. And this is the best time to visit Colombia, before the crowds get here and it too becomes a touristy spot.

Colombian tours are great for people who love adventure because the land and the terrain allows a number of diverse activities. There is trekking, mountain biking, parasailing and rafting, among other activities. San Gil is even known as the adventure capital of Colombia as it offers various delights such as bungee jumping, parapenting, river repelling, paragliding, riding and trekking.

If you love to trek, it is a must to visit Ciudad Perdida. This place offers a tough, 5-day long hike into thick rainforests. Here, you can get to see some spectacular ruins. Don’t miss it because though little known, it is a true travel highlight on Colombian tours. The Nevado del Ruiz volcano is another gem of a trekking spot. Incredible views and a great trek. If you fall in love with the volcano, visit Parque Nacional Los Nevados, a popular climbing area with a cluster of volcanoes in it.

Want to do something new? Travel to La Guarija where inaccessibility is a part of the charm. Visit empty beaches and rub shoulders with the Wayuu community.

Extreme sport lovers can taste the thrill of rappelling in Colombia. This is one of the few places where rappelling is allowed down waterfalls. It’s a great way of meeting the elements head on and enjoying the thrill of rushing past torrents of water. River rafting and scuba diving is also available in different parts of Colombia. For those who like a little extreme adrenalin rush, there are activities like jet skiing on Santa Marta. The average temperature here hovers around the 70 degree mark, making it impossible for you not to have a great time.

Want to hold a real gun? Don’t worry. Colombian adventure tours can give the little boy his best toy – a real machine gun. Visit the local military base and you get rent and fire actual military guns.

Park Tayrona is another remote location filled with unoccupied, pristine beaches. The thrill is to camp and hike throughout the time you are here and discover idyllic little beaches and pockets of paradise.

With so many adventurous activities waiting to be indulged in, it is a wonder that Colombia is still a calm and quiet haven filled with natural beauty.

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