Despite the belief that beauty is only skin deep, more and more women are embracing scientific procedures that help enhance their natural gifts. Among these are the anti aging cosmetics Botox, permanent make-up and cosmeceuticals. But, how do you choose the right cosmetic for you?

Choose the anti aging cosmetic that you trust the most. This is based on the set of advantages and disadvantages that you can find online or by consulting a dermatologist.

Botox reduces the appearance of wrinkles for up to 6 months by paralyzing the facial muscles. However, because it is liquid in form it may spread to other muscle groups thereby causing speech problems, muscles weakness and difficulty in swallowing.

Cosmeceuticals are topically applied substances that enhance skin texture and tone through the intervention of essential vitamins and minerals. But due to the lack of proper screening by the FDA, cosmeceuticals may not be as effective as they claim to be leaving the buyer pay more than its actual worth.

Meanwhile, permanent make-up uses a tattoo machine to inject hypoallergenic pigments directly into the epidermis. The result is permanent so one should think a hundred times before availing of this cosmetic. Only those accredited by the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professional and/or the American Academy of Micropigmentation are allowed to handle the procedure. Side effects vary from one person to another but usually, they are bruising, swelling and redness as well as peeling if you’ve had your lips done.

You must also consider your budget. If you can’t afford it, don’t go for it.

Lastly, face the facts. Aging is a natural process and there is not escape from that truth. You may spend hundreds of dollars every year trying to stop the aging process but it will still get to you in the long run. Aging gracefully does not mean altering your looks completely. Simply taking care of your skin, eating the right food and living an active life are more than enough to keep your skin young and revitalized as long as possible.


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