We parents want what’s best for our children. We’re careful about immunizations, we take them to the dentist and eye doctor regularly. We don’t plan for childhood obesity to be a problem, but it happens. This article is about why we need to tackle the problem.

High Blood Pressure: Obesity does not discriminate on age when obesity is involved. There are children who have to take medication to control their blood pressure and it’s a growing trend. High blood pressure can cause kidney problems, heart disease and strokes. If it’s not found early those problems will happen at a much younger age than most of us think.

High Cholesterol: After blood pressure, this is a given. In fact, under the right conditions children should start having their cholesterol checked as early as two. Children as young as ten are finding themselves taking medications for this problem.

Diabetes: Most of us recognize this as a physical problem associated with being overweight. While it doesn’t cause type one diabetes it can certainly cause type two. Diabetes can cause eye, heart and kidney problems.

What should we do? We need to take a good look at our lifestyle. What we eat and what we physically do should be examined. If it’s not a healthy diet, we may need to consult a nutritionist. They can help set up a healthier version of what your family likes.

How active is your family? What we adults do (or don’t do) will reflect on our children. If we don’t have some form of exercise they won’t want to. Talk to your doctor and the pediatrician to find exercises that will work for you.

We don’t have to watch our children develop these medical problems. A little action on our part will help them stay well.

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