Bacterial vaginosis is an infection which is rather common among women especially during the years when they are still ovulating and are fertile. Bacterial vaginosis treatment should be carried out promptly as neglecting the condition and delaying treatment can cause inflammation of the pelvic region and further complications. Not only are the reproductive organs of the woman affected even the surrounding areas like the urethra and bladder could be infected too and problems could arise from this. The infection could cause malfunctioning of the bladder and this in turn to even damage the kidneys. It helps to be aware of the problem and to go in for some natural home remedies as Bacterial Vaginosis treatment.

Preventing the problem is always better than looking for a cure later. Learn how to avoid getting the bacterial vaginosis infection and ensure that the practice of being hygienic is followed regularly. One of the main causes of this infection is ecoli bacteria which are brought on by infection after a bowel movement. The right way to clean is from the front to the rear to avoid the infection being transferred to the vaginal area from the rectum. It is best to use water to clean ones self instead of toilet paper especially around the vagina. Frequent washing will help in keeping this infection away.

Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment – A home remedy to give relief is to wash with vinegar which is the apple cider variety which is diluted. A cup or two of this vinegar can be put into the bath water and soaking in it will help to eliminate the problem. Another simple but effective cure is probiotic yogurt. Consuming this will increase the immunity of the body and prevent infection from setting in. This yogurt helps in enhancing the levels of the good bacteria which are normally found in the vagina and rids the area of the bacteria which causes the problem.

Home bacterial vaginosis treatment includes the right kind of diet which means eating sufficient quantities of foods which have phytoestrogens. Part of the treatment is eating apples, nuts, celery and whole grain foods. Avoid processed foods and stuff like white bread, pasta made of white flour, sugar, polished rice and other such foods which have little or no food value.

Regulate your bowel movement by eating foods which have a high fiber content so that you do not get constipated. This causes the tissues to rupture and infection can set in and move to the vaginal area. Pregnant women are more prone to this infection for several reasons and they should take extra care during this period to avoid getting the bacterial vaginosis infection.

Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment – Creams are available for external application which help eliminate the infection but should be used under the guidance of a qualified medical practitioner. If the infection has been there over an extended period then internal medication may also be prescribed by the doctor. This is especially so if the bladder and urethra have been affected by the infection.


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