Joseph Spence is a wonderful author and poet. His words are very inspiring and uplifting in this Award Winning volume of poetry entitled, “Trilogy Moments for the Mind, Body, and Soul.” As a member of The World Haiku Association and a haiku practitioner, the haiku trilogy series written in sections of three verses in this uplifting book are very inspiring. I like the inspiring words of praise and how they are articulated for the soul in each series. Additionally, this is a wonderful and joy-filled book for anyone to read and enjoy.

The prayer poems in this book address many issues ranging from heart ailments to asthma, traffic accidents to chronic pain, and a lot more. The prayers are right on point and touched the soul of the reader. The messages of love and respect in his words for others are humbling. I have found his writings to be very inspiring and uplifting for the young and old. This book of poems is very captivation and his true talent is naturally demonstrated. He is not one to hide his talent under the bush. The intercessory prayers by Joseph for others really show his compassion, and state of being in caring for others in their time of need. Hopefully, others will read his works and come to the same conclusion or one that is much better than mine.

The newly created Epulaeryu poetry section is also very appetizing. I must try my hand at one of the recipe and poems. As the inventor of the Epulaeryu poems, Joseph projects a tone which I like in the articulation of the format in passing on the knowledge he articulates in impressing the dishes of the Epulaeryu poem and its development on others.

This Award Winning book, Trilogy Moments for the Mind, Body and Soul,” shows how one is able to integrate life travels and experience in a creative way be putting both jointly in creative writing. God bless always!


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