The Painting On The Living Room Wall

While a brand new car with sleek aerodynamics and cutting-edge technology is a novelty by itself, the very sight of a vintage or a classic car cruising elegantly on the streets strikes one with an overwhelming feeling of desire. Vintage cars in their high slung elegance are stunning, almost regal. They have captivating designs that are a mark of artistry & craft. Something modern cars can only dream of because of the need to generate sheer power. The very presence of a Buick or a classic convertible Cadillac is an indicator of the bygone days of honor, pride & royalty.

Once the summer begins to recede into the background by the end of June, it is almost a family tradition or more of a ritual to escape for a quick mountain retreat between the cusp of the diminishing heat and approaching monsoons. In the absence of a concrete plan for a getaway, the decisions are often impromptu, taken on the spot. More often than not we head to the highlands to experience the wisp of m

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Come Experience The Unique Comedy of Jason Neistadt at Las Vegas’ Best Variety Show

Being a Comic Vocal Impressionist takes a lot of practice, Just ask Jason Neistadt of V-The Ultimate Variety Show! Having been featured in every major resort and casino in Las Vegas, Jason has his act perfected down to the T! Elvis, Forest Gump and everyone in between, you never know who might turn up in this unique act. Born in Rancho Cucamonga, CA in 1976, Jason began showing early inclinations of a performer. When Jason was two he moved to Wyoming, and over the years developed his interest in stunts and acrobatics while playing in the surrounding mountains. When moving back to California at age ten Jason quickly became known as the class clown and soon after that, he learned his first performing art, juggling! From there on he committed himself to the art of the juggle and sought to bring joy to whoever he could, using his impersonations and juggling acts.

Becoming fixed on perfecting his juggling skills, Jason soon saw what he would declare his destiny. On a family vacati

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The Philosophy of Death

When we die, where do we go? Does the soul leaves the body and rises towards the light?

Energy is a form of Qi or life force and it flows within all living things. In Chinese Astrology and the other art of metaphysics such as Feng Shui, Qi is the life force that create us human beings. According to science, energy cannot be destroyed but it can be transformed.

When we die, the energy takes another form and once it leaves the body, the Qi of the dead can influence the descendants through the location and facing direction of the burial plot. With the help of a Feng Shui master, the dead can be a source of beneficial Qi for the living. In other words, our ancestors are a force to be reckon with if the Qi of their burial grounds are harnessed according to the land form.

From another perspectives other than metaphysics, we can also look at energy as transformative from a philosophical angle. People sees death as an escape from a cruel world and the suffering of the p

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Poetry and the Muses Part 4

Poetry, as we have discussed in earlier parts of this article, depends upon the Muses and accessing the deeper self or soul within each person; this is not an easy thing to do. In the C18th Lord Chesterfield commented on how an individual could be anything they chose to be, except a ‘great poet’. There has always been a recognition in all societies throughout history that the calling of the true poet – like the true prophet – is a rare and difficult one. But it was not always that way; there was a time when all people were naturally poets. This time, in Christian theology, we call pre-lapsarian, meaning before the Fall, the fall of Adam and Eve, and their subsequent expulsion from paradise.

One does not, in my view, need to be a Christian to accept this contention; it is just that the Christian myth explains it in a simple way. But the reality is that all peoples throughout all time have been religious and have been involved in religious practices. Why

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Music Business Contacts: Music Business Registry connects artists, managers, publishers, producers &

“The difference between success and failure is information,” notes Ritch Esra, and he should know. Along with his partner, Stephen Trumbull, Esra is a leading part of the number one most-reliable source of information on “who’s who” and “who does what” in the music business. Best of all, they can tell you where everybody is located.


The Music Business Registry ( publishes five directories: the “A&R Registry,” the “Music Publisher Registry,” the “Music Business Attorney Registry” the “Film and Television Music Guide,” and the “Record Producer and Recording Engineer Directory.” For many in the business, these are indispensable reference works.

“The directories give

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The Traditional Dance Forms of India

India is a land of rich culture and heritage. And what better feature of the country could depict this than the Indian dance forms. The traditional dances of India have different styles. This is so because the dance forms belong to varied parts of the country – they originated there and then developed with all the cultural elements.

There are a great many folk dances that belong to separate regions of the country and are mainly performed by the local people of that particular region only. The Indian film dances also hold a significant spot in the culture of the country.

Origin of Indian Dance Forms

The dance forms of India have their origin since the ancient Vedic period wherein people used to indulge into singing and dancing for entertainment and recreational purposes. The Vedas hold an elaborate mention of performing arts. The Hindu text Natya Shastra includes all the earliest compilations of the ancient dance forms.

From these an

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The Philosophy of the Novel – ‘The Outsider’ by Albert Camus

The universal theme of absurdism widespread in social life situation has been agreeably symbolized in the novel “The Outsider”. The hypothesis of absurdism has been imitated throughout the novel with the characterization of Meursault. In this context, Albert Camus considers the philosophy of the novel as lonely and sensual by highlighting Meursault’s characteristics in light of absurdism and existentialism. As an innermost theme of the story, Meursault has been focussed as a murderer of an innocent Arab without having any reasonable ground.

On an effective trial, the court sentenced him death penalty. The focal point of the story is to commit crime and its punishment which is justifiable in the eye of law. As an outsider, the author has pointed out some social defects with which social absurdism have been revitalised. The Outsider is a novel written by Albert Camus, an Algerian-born author and truth-seeker. The account is centred on Meursault, who at the out

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Reading and Writing Poetry to Release Childhood Pain

Healing from childhood hurts can happen through expressing them and sharing them. One powerful way to express emotional pain is through poetry. Did you know that when people express difficult feelings, they can release their emotional pain? Writing in general as a way of healing is well documented in books like Opening Up: The Healing Power of Expressing Emotions by James Pennebaker.

And writing poetry is famous as a vehicle for emotional release. There are hundreds-if not thousands-of examples of poems focused on difficult memories from early years. One delightful book on the power of writing about childhood experiences is This is Just to Say: Poems of Apology and Forgiveness by Joyce Sidman and Pamela Zagarenski.

If you are not ready to write down your own memories, reading this sort of poetry can help you let go of your pain in a cathartic process, even if it’s not exactly about your situation. Because of the connection between poetry and the emotions, if you

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10 Ways to Make Money With Body Painting

Are you considering making a living (or at least a little money on the side) doing body painting? Is it even possible to make a living doing body painting? Yes, you can make good money as a ‘pro’ body painter, and even kids as young as twelve have made good money (like $500-$400 in an afternoon) doing simple painting techniques like airbrushed temporary tattoos at fairs and festivals.

It may be difficult to believe that there are so many different ways to make money doing body painting. I know that when I first discovered the art of body painting, I thought maybe you could make some temporary money at a party or fair. But there are many, many more possibilities, as you will see.

Here are just 10 of the ways you could get paid to do body painting:

1. Doing body painting at parties. You could hire yourself for a night or a day and get paid either by the hour or a flat fee for the event.

2. Painting party-goers before they go to a party or e

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The Philosophy of Deflowering a Virgin

An Act of God or Passion

I am going to pen a few thoughts which I want to get over. I am going to touch on the moral and emotional aspects of deflowering a virgin. Is it wrong, especially if you have no plans to marry her and would like to list this act as a conquest? The answer can be under two heads. Either you believe in religious dogma and feel it’s wrong or you are a liberated man and see it as a natural act of fulfillment.

All girls are virgins at some stage and that is the essence of the argument. Somebody will take her virginity, not necessarily the man who will marry her. It could be an act of seduction by an older man or a bout of passion with a boyfriend. Even in India many girls lose their virginity before marriage. As for me in many visits to abroad, never came across a single virgin. In America very few girls will wait till marriage to be deflowered.

Having accepted this argument, I see no reason if the chance is there for an older man t

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