His Most Famous Painting (Midnight Black Wolf) – Robert Bateman

Canadian naturalist and painter Robert Bateman was born in Toronto, Canada, on May 24, 1930. Since childhood, he has been interested in wildlife and art. He was initially inspired by the famous “Group of Seven,” a club of Canadian ‘Realistic’ painters. Bateman perfected the art of beautifully portraying nature & wildlife on canvas. While he started his artistic stint with creating ‘Abstract’ paintings of nature, he transitioned to ‘Realism’ in the 1960s. His focus was mostly on depicting beauty in its original form, for which he travelled extensively and used his keen observation power to accurately depict the various facets of nature. One of the methods Bateman has applied while painting his works is clicking photographs and using them as models for his creations. Robert Bateman achieved iconic feat with his work “Midnight Black Wolf.”

While Bateman has also sketched and painted people & activities, in one o

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Philosophy of High Noon

The movie “High Noon” has interesting comparisons to the philosophies and views of Kant. While many will say it can mirror the philosopher’s views, particularly through the actions of the lead character Kane, this paper will analyze the interesting and somewhat contrary view by looking at the actions of Kane’s wife.

It is important to note first that Kane’s wife is an emotional person. She is a religious woman, a Quaker to be precise, and chose this lifestyle after she saw her father and brother killed by guns. Her current viewpoints on guns, violence and personal involvement reflect her emotional side which Kant would clearly say as a weak point and completely differs from Kantian view.

Supporting her anti-Kantian ways is the fact that she focuses much on consequences. She does not see the act of killing simply for its act and the defensive purpose. She worries too much about who could and will die and not enough about why they would risk

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Learn the Art of Mentalism

Want to learn the art of mentalism? People do it for different reasons. Some are intrigued by what they see in theaters or on TV and want to mimic them for fun while others want to perform the art in a professional manner.

It does not matter which group you belong to. Here are some tips to get you prepared on your path to learn the art of mentalism.

1. Pick up the skills from experts

Picking up the skills from experts can be expensive especially if you want to consult top magicians like David Blaine, Criss Angel and the like. And you may not be successful at all.

2. Pick up the skills and tricks from guides

Of course, another way to do so is to pick up the skills of the trade is to learn from guides. We know that there are some professional guides that show you how to perform different tricks and are good enough to make you look like an expert mentalist. These guides are often much cheaper than becoming an apprentice to a master.

3. Masterin

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My Opinions on Poetry (A Personal Review of Poetry)


Introduction: What Makes Poetry-Poetry?

Commentary: Perhaps my Style

Free Verse

Definition of Poetry I

Definition of Poetry II (effect)

Substance of a Poem

The World of Art in Words

Separate Excitement

On Poetry’s Form

Figurative Language

What is Confessional Poetry?

Reading Poetry

Understanding the Poets


What Makes Poetry-Poetry?

I find-in my minds-eyes, what can make splendid poetry is: irony, symbolism, resemblance, metaphor, meter-arrangement, expression, confession, spontaneity, but at the end of the poem-like at the end of a day-when the reader looks back and all is said and done, he needs to ask, “Has it affected me?” if not-why? A poem should bring some kind of a chill, if not, some kind of voice to the reader. Again I say, if not, go on to the next poem or page of the book, each poem may not be suitable

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How to Market a New Music Band

When you start out life as a new band it is important to get out of your garage or practise venue and introduce yourself to the wider public. If you are seeking to secure a record deal and aim for a successful music career as a recording artist being able to perform live to a high standard, book your own gigs and gain exposure is essential. Starting a band is tough and becoming a professional band is exceptionally difficult to achieve, but it is possible if you get certain aspects of the process right.

This article will assume that you have the talent, you have tracks of sufficient quality and you have the drive to succeed. Now let us focus on how to get known in your local area where you will hopefully begin making a name for yourselves.

1. No Gig Too Small

Most bands begin in pubs playing to a very small audience earning zero fee. You should go and meet gig venues and offer to play a gig and emphasise that you will promote it yourselves. An Email is simply not

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Commercial Painting Services and Its Benefits

It’s always a nice feeling to move into a brand new workspace – everything is clean and it’s a more comfortable place to work. However, over time, almost without being noticed, the space becomes “used”; scratches and dirt might appear on walls – and it can have a negative impact on the workplace.

There are many studies that show how surroundings can affect an employee’s ability to work. Something as simple as wall colour has been shown to affect productivity, concentration and the amount of time spent at workstations. Fewer accidents happen in brighter work spaces, and the need for extra lighting is reduced.

A simple fresh coat of paint can help accomplish many of these objectives – increased productivity, safety and reduced costs – in a very cost efficient way.

The benefits do not stop there. Customers, suppliers and investors all take notice of your workplace. The more professional look of a well-paint

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August Wilson – The Most Compulsive and Strident Voice From the Black American Theatre

August Frederick Kittel Wilson, a prolific American writer whose plays, like Eugene O’Neill’s, Arthur Miller’s and Tennessee Williams’ are produced throughout the U.S. regularly soon became the most important voice in the American theater after Lorraine Hansberry, a position that he maintained until his death in 2005 with a string of acclaimed plays starting from Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom first exciting the theater world in 1984.

August Wilson mostly relies on the “4 B’s”: the Blues; fellow playwright, Amiri Bakara; Argentinian author, Jorge Luis Borges, and painter, Romare Bearden to tell what in his estimation he needs to tell in writing his plays. Apart from this, he has no particular method of writing his plays.   

The blues have always had the greatest influence on Wilson, as he himself confessed in an interview with Sandra G. Shannon: “I

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Why a Real Wellness Philosophy and Lifestyle Are Way Better Than Religion


For starters, REAL wellness is, well, real. It’s plain and down to earth. There is ample evidence it exists, unlike the unexplored and unknown regions of eternal bliss or fiendish torments beyond the grave that some/most religions describe to entice or frighten believers.

REAL wellness makes no supernatural claims, contains no promises of orgasmic ecstasy or threats of everlasting horror.

REAL wellness does not presume to offer the one and only meaning of life; furthermore, it has no creeds or dogmas. With REAL wellness, there is no one and only philosophy for all; unlimited variations and choices dwell within its four dimensions. By contrast, religions insist one size fits all–everyone must believe the same tenets, which vary by sect and denomination.

I rest my case.

Well, maybe not. There’s so much more.


Religion and REAL wellness® are compl

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Poetry and the Muses Part 1

We live in a post-modernist world and its values are everywhere around us; and everywhere these values are almost largely unexamined, and because we have little to contrast our present state with we fail to see how lamentable and poor we are. There is a deep materialism running through society which deprives people of the hope, the creativity and the deep mystery of life. Indeed, on this latter point, we see this being hammered home all the time on the news; for when it is not going on about the latest wars, plagues and famines, is always emphasising how the frontiers of science are expanding, and how soon – someday, one day – all our problems, especially diseases and even mortality, will be solved as the next medical advance is posited as something we all might confidently place our faith in. If ‘making progress’ actually made progress, then there might be some grounds for optimism; but as, after nearly two centuries of science and technology, we seem to be

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How to Prepare Your Palette for Oil Painting

In oil painting palette has two meanings. The first refers to the surface on which your paint is mixed; the second meaning is the array of colors employed for painting.

Most artists prefer a wood palette. Some use a thick piece of glass placed atop a sheet of gray paper. But a glass palette is restricted to studio use and working from a taboret, which is a small table that holds the bulk of your painting gear.

My preference is for the wood palette. Wood palettes come in a variety of shapes and sizes; the most popular is the oval shape that is designed to fit in the crook of your elbow and is gripped with your thumb through the hole in the palette. The wood palette can be either a small, dinner-plate size or a large platter. As a teacher I recommend that beginners use the smaller size palette.

Before the palette can be used for painting it needs to be prepared with a sealant. Unsealed palettes will leach the delicate oils from your paint and rob them of their lus

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