Mobile Apps: Helping the Music Industry to Explore New Horizons

Alike any other industry, the world of music has gained momentum with the upsurge of mobile apps. Musicians connect with people by using a number of advanced ways these days and most importantly, navigating the landscape of technology has become essential for them to grow.

Scope of the Music Industry in ‘Going Digital’

  • Power of Live Streaming: With the introduction of live streaming, independent musicians are getting an opportunity to gain a strong foothold in the industry now. They do not need any label of big associations as a number of tech startups are there to promote them in the world of digital music.
  • Being Web-Savvy: It has become important for participants of the Music Industry to have an active and strong web presence. Thus, they need to understand the efficiency of organic search visibility in promoting their talent and use the same effectively.
  • More Revenue Opport
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Removing Your Stretched Painting From Gator Board

These simple instructions will allow you to remove your stretched painting from Gator Board and leave your board without any damage:

Ensure your painting is bone dry first.

Take a look around your tape to see if you can find an area where there may be a slight lift/air space in the area where the tape meets the watercolor paper? I use a kitchen knife that has a strong but thin blade. Holding a knife at an angle to ensure you don’t pierce the board too – simply pierce a small hole so you can gently slide the knife underneath the watercolor paper. Ensure your knife is held as flat to the board as possible so you don’t disturb the surface of the board – of course.

Once you have the point of the knife underneath the w/c paper – you simply slide the knife around the edges of the watercolor paper (I like to hold the knife reasonably low and flat to the board. It is just like opening an envelope with an envelope knife.

Voila! Now yo

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Top Five Ways To Create Atmosphere In The Theatre: Using Staging Systems

When people come to the theater they are expecting a powerful roller coaster of emotions, whether it be to laugh or cry. You need to create the right atmosphere and mood to perfectly position the audience for a truly mesmerizing show.

Creating atmosphere in any sized theater can be a complex task. Every aspect of the performance must be considered such as the stage lighting and sound to set the right tone and ambiance for the audience.

Yes acting is key but brilliant acting set against tired drapes and curtains, in a poorly lit room, with poor sound output is not going to make for a memorable show. It is a combination of all of these things that will make the show special.

Some tips on how to create this atmosphere include:

1. Stage lighting. This is very important because lighting can create many different impressions. It is practical in the sense that it can convey the time of the day to the audience who are watching a play. I.e. lighter colors for the

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Analysis of the Problems of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell

Appearance and Reality

Russell questions the absoluteness of knowledge and the discernment of the problem in Philosophy.

What is the distinction between appearance and reality? Things which are known by perception are labeled as sense data. The collection of all physical objects is called matter.

Russell quotes the Philosopher Berkeley who said objects do not exist outside the senses. This I think is a deception. Objects exist independently of the senses and come into purview if we are cognizing or perceiving them.

Russell describes the problem of appearance as being philosophical. Is the reality of seeing a thing real? What happens to appearance when we approach its microscopic or macroscopic composition? For example: the size and heat of the sun increases as we go closer to it.

The Existence of Matter

The author introduces Descartes who used to systematically doubt and through his doubting came to the conclusion-I think therefore

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Writing Effective Poetry

Poetry Defined:

Poetry, which can be deceptively simple in sound and vary in length from a few words to a full-sized book, requires far more understanding, creativity, and technique to write than prose. In form, its line endings, departing from conventional layout, do not need to extend to the right margin. Characterized by the three pillars of emotion, image, and music, it can, but does not necessarily have to, incorporate alliteration, metaphor, simile, repetition, rhythm, meter, and rhyme. Above all, form, as opposed to content, differentiates the genre from all others. While prose is read, paced, and interpreted by means of punctuation and sentence structure, poetry achieves a significant amount of interpretive value through them.

“Poems are not merely things that we read, but also things that we see,” wrote John Strachan and Richard Terry in their book, “Poetry: An Introduction” (New York University Press, 2000, p. 24). We are aware at a gl

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Music Business Books – 2 Best Choices For the Serious Musician

If you are a musician concerned about making money in your chosen field, you know you need to educate yourself about the business of music. Of all the great music business books out there that I’ve seen, two stand out as ideal for the musician ready to make a serious study of music industry.

Donald Passman’s All You Need to Know about the Music Industry is a great choice for the performing artist; in addition to getting deep into the nitty-gritty of copyright, royalties, and record contracts, he walks musicians through the critical process of picking lawyers, managers, accountants, and other professional managers. The great strength of this dense book is in its detail; Mr. Passman takes common music business terms and explains what they are and how they affect artists. Mr. Passman’s grimly humorous explanations and illustrations of recoupment, the practice of record companies charging back all album expenses against artists’ royalties, are excel

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Do’s and Don’ts of Painting a Wooden Playhouse Like an Expert

What better way is there to make an immediate change to your child’s wooden playhouse than with a new paint job? When you are ready to paint your kids playhouse and you want to keep it looking exceptional for years to come, there are several things that you definitely need to do and other things you want to avoid.

The following is a list of Do’s and Don’ts on how to expertly paint your wooden playhouse so it will last for years into the future:

  1. Do prepare ahead of time your playhouse for painting. Prepare your playhouse by gently scraping any loose, dried or flaking old paint using a putty knife or sander while being careful not to damage the wood underneath.
  2. Do seal any cracks around windows or doors. If there are cracks where two wooden surfaces join together use caulk to seal the cracks. This will keep the moisture outside of the playhouse.
  3. Do use a high quality primer to paint all of the wooden playhouse surfaces. Using a p
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Stage Awards – Recognition of Theatre Performances

Stage awards are given away for excellence in theatre and stage performances across various categories. The awards system differs from category to category – e.g. stage shows, musicals, dramas, operas and so on. Some have closed nominations monitored by a committee or board while some have open selection and nomination processes. The criteria for awards selection also varies across categories.

Let’s take a look at some of the 2016 Stage Award Winners. In December 2015 the shortlist was prepared and the final winners announced in January 2016. Categories such as Regional Theatre of the Year, London Theatre of the Year, and Fringe Theatre of the Year were some of them. Besides these, award categories like Producer of the Year, Theatre School of the Year, and Theatre Building of the Year appreciate the efforts of individuals, arts schools and theatre locations that contribute as a whole to the events.


A look at popular theatre awards in New York for

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Society, Politics & Philosophy

Academic Philosophy

Bertrand Russell made a very true observation when he stated that:

‘Morally, a philosopher who uses his professional competence for anything except a disinterested search for truth is guilty of a kind of treachery’.

An academic paper you won’t find within our academic philosophy section of the Society, Politics and Philosophy category was written by Steven Yates and entitled ‘Academic Philosophy Today: Thanks, But No Thanks’. Steven Yates has a PhD in Philosophy and published a vitriolic treatise outlining his disgust at what he saw academic philosophy degenerating into. As it happens, I agree with him. One book of his you will find there is ‘Civil Wrongs: What Went Wrong with Affirmative Action’. Basically, Steven Yates writes exactly what other people are thinking – and he does it quite acerbically!

When we think of civil rights one of the first things to spring to mind is racial d

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Occasion, Event, and Ritual Poetry Forms

“Oooooo. Aaaaahhh,” my children chant as we drive to the Habitat for Humanity thrift shop with our donation of gently used clothing. Twinkling lights drape houses like lace, and figures of Santa, his reindeer, and light speckled trees frolic in front yards. Some streets look like they were misplaced by New York or Las Vegas, they have so many lights, but Florida has to make up somehow for the lack of snow.

The December holidays are upon us and they give rise to several occasions, rituals, and events, depending on your culture, and family traditions. I thought this a perfect time to cover these types of poetry and poetry forms.

Occasional Poetry

More of a poetry genre’ than a poetry form, occasion poems document an occasion. While they are most often written about those special occasions, like weddings and births, they can also be about winning a race or baking cookies with grandma.


As long as there have

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