Why Facebook Boost Posts Are Terrible For Promoting Your Music

A lot of musicians are literally throwing their money down the drain.

I’m not talking about that awesome new guitar pedal you just bought… instead I’m talking about Facebook boost posts.

I know that Facebook boost posts are popular and a lot of musicians are using them but they’re actually not the best way for you to promote your music.

And your actually wasting your money and not getting everything that you pay for.

There’s 2 reasons why you want to use a Facebook ad to promote your music.

The first is obviously to get yourself in front of as many people as possible.

But the second reason is to start collecting data and statistics about how your ads are doing. You also want to start making your own custom lists inside of Facebook of people who are interacting with your ads and could be potential fans.

When you use a boost post you don’t get those options to create custom lists and see the in depth

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Learn Advanced Auto Spray Painting Techniques and Car Spray Paint Patterns

One thing is for sure if you are going to be a paint technician then how good you are at it will all depend on how well you learn to operate your spray guns. They are the tools of the trade and can mean the difference in your being an excellent paint technician or a poor one. Not only must one learn the various techniques involved with the spray guns there is also a must have knowledge to be gained in how to maintain the spray guns to keep them in their optimum working condition. You can have all the techniques mastered but if your gun is not operating properly then in won’t matter about your techniques.

You have to visualize what the spray gun is doing when in operation such as taking tiny droplets of paints then breaking these droplets down into thousands of small particles. What gives the spray gun its ability to do this is its nozzle set. This is the air cap, paint needle and the fluid tip. There are variables that determine the size of those thousands of droplets o

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What Is a Turkish Costume?

The Turkish costume is a two piece costume which exposes the abdominal area of a belly dancer. There are many interpretations, beliefs, and myths as to why this area of the body is exposed.

Use your imagination and visualize a tent located in a desert thousands of years ago. The dancers’ clothing is made from cotton and wool. As the dancers performed their bodies got hot and for relief part of their clothing was removed in order to cool off. They also did not wear bras in those years. And so the breasts and the abdominal areas were exposed through a thin layer of cotton fabric.

It seems reasonable to me that this practical solution to cooling down may have started the concept of a two piece garment. With the passage of years, fabric availability, fashion trends, and women’s interests this costume has made many changes.

Old photos of these costumes appear to be everyday clothing and do not compare to the glittery and glamorous costumes of today.


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Philosophy Of Plato

Plato is renowned as one of the world’s greatest philosophers. Born in 429 BC around the time of the death of Pericles, he lived for nearly eighty years up until the period that began with the birth of Alexander the Great. He belonged to an aristocratic Athenian family who were by the standards of those days relatively rich. A large number of Plato’s relatives played an active role in Athenian politics, but this was an activity that Plato himself shied away from.

During his youth he became fascinated by the teachings and thoughts of Socrates, so much so that he attended the academy that Socrates set up. Plato was only thirty years old when Socrates was killed in prison for committing crimes against the gods.

Though incredibly distressed by the death of Socrates, Plato set about writing down the conversations he had held with his teacher. Today, most of what we know about Socrates, the man and his thinking, comes from the texts created by Plato.


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Cloistered Poetry In the Abyss of Dreams ((The Old Tramp) (Poetic Prose))

He, the old tramp, had found a lost continent.

He dreamed a new world.

And he had stepped into it, -so long now had he drifted back and forth from it, he had forgotten who he had been.

But he mumbled often-to whom might have been listening-“Too many people around, too indifferent, self-absorbed.”

And so I write of this old man, brief as it is, a tramp I met, and I shall fill in the gaps of his life, which was more his dream world than, what we consider reality.

For the old tramp, his dream became reality for him.

The more he dreamed, the more it took on an enraged realism.

Outside of this dream world, the world to him was ugliness, and foul.

“Where truth was, was what people wanted it to be at any given time, and never revealed fully,” so he’d mumble.

“And pretense was worshiped, like Baal,” so he muttered.

Consequently, in this nebulous

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Why Business Cards Are Useful To Musicians

Why Musicians Should Use Business Cards

Business cards, we’ve all had them. Some of us swear by them, others say “neh” and do away with them. Whatever type you are, I’m sure someone’s handed you one at some point. And you probably thought, “what the hell am I supposed to do with this?” Or maybe you were like “sweet dude, I’m gonna call you right away.” Either way, it probably got you thinking. You may have thought, “wow this person really comes prepared.” I seriously doubt you thought, “heh, look this guy, what a dinosaur, still uses business cards.”

In this article, we’re going to take a look at a few things you can do with business cards to stand out amongst the sea of musicians out there, and why business cards for musicians still can be used today.


Okay, it’s kind of interesting that in 2018 we’re still ta

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His Most Famous Painting (Midnight Black Wolf) – Robert Bateman

Canadian naturalist and painter Robert Bateman was born in Toronto, Canada, on May 24, 1930. Since childhood, he has been interested in wildlife and art. He was initially inspired by the famous “Group of Seven,” a club of Canadian ‘Realistic’ painters. Bateman perfected the art of beautifully portraying nature & wildlife on canvas. While he started his artistic stint with creating ‘Abstract’ paintings of nature, he transitioned to ‘Realism’ in the 1960s. His focus was mostly on depicting beauty in its original form, for which he travelled extensively and used his keen observation power to accurately depict the various facets of nature. One of the methods Bateman has applied while painting his works is clicking photographs and using them as models for his creations. Robert Bateman achieved iconic feat with his work “Midnight Black Wolf.”

While Bateman has also sketched and painted people & activities, in one o

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Philosophy of High Noon

The movie “High Noon” has interesting comparisons to the philosophies and views of Kant. While many will say it can mirror the philosopher’s views, particularly through the actions of the lead character Kane, this paper will analyze the interesting and somewhat contrary view by looking at the actions of Kane’s wife.

It is important to note first that Kane’s wife is an emotional person. She is a religious woman, a Quaker to be precise, and chose this lifestyle after she saw her father and brother killed by guns. Her current viewpoints on guns, violence and personal involvement reflect her emotional side which Kant would clearly say as a weak point and completely differs from Kantian view.

Supporting her anti-Kantian ways is the fact that she focuses much on consequences. She does not see the act of killing simply for its act and the defensive purpose. She worries too much about who could and will die and not enough about why they would risk

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Learn the Art of Mentalism

Want to learn the art of mentalism? People do it for different reasons. Some are intrigued by what they see in theaters or on TV and want to mimic them for fun while others want to perform the art in a professional manner.

It does not matter which group you belong to. Here are some tips to get you prepared on your path to learn the art of mentalism.

1. Pick up the skills from experts

Picking up the skills from experts can be expensive especially if you want to consult top magicians like David Blaine, Criss Angel and the like. And you may not be successful at all.

2. Pick up the skills and tricks from guides

Of course, another way to do so is to pick up the skills of the trade is to learn from guides. We know that there are some professional guides that show you how to perform different tricks and are good enough to make you look like an expert mentalist. These guides are often much cheaper than becoming an apprentice to a master.

3. Masterin

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My Opinions on Poetry (A Personal Review of Poetry)


Introduction: What Makes Poetry-Poetry?

Commentary: Perhaps my Style

Free Verse

Definition of Poetry I

Definition of Poetry II (effect)

Substance of a Poem

The World of Art in Words

Separate Excitement

On Poetry’s Form

Figurative Language

What is Confessional Poetry?

Reading Poetry

Understanding the Poets


What Makes Poetry-Poetry?

I find-in my minds-eyes, what can make splendid poetry is: irony, symbolism, resemblance, metaphor, meter-arrangement, expression, confession, spontaneity, but at the end of the poem-like at the end of a day-when the reader looks back and all is said and done, he needs to ask, “Has it affected me?” if not-why? A poem should bring some kind of a chill, if not, some kind of voice to the reader. Again I say, if not, go on to the next poem or page of the book, each poem may not be suitable

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